our vision

P.R.A.Y. (Pure Rock Angel Yogi) is a socially conscious, transformative line, with the mission to heal mankind 1 piece of jewelry at a time. P.R.A.Y.’s vision is to guide people in finding deeper meaning and purpose in their lives by a rebalancing energy and centering within.  When wearing P.R.A.Y. amulets, metals, and pieces, one’s energy aligns leading to inner healing, centeredness and connection with truth, contributing to global wellness.  All pieces are hand-crafted and infused utilizing ancient techniques from the Far East.  Imbued with high vibration energy through these age-old processes, if worn regularly and with intention, PRAY talismans allow one to access higher states of self-realization otherwise inaccessible in every day life.
Healing via Eco-Friendly Fashion
Seeking to heal individuals through jewelry, it is of utmost importance that P.R.A.Y. protect the environment during production and manufacturing.  All co-creators take an approach of non-attachment and do-no-harm,  by also adding good energy to the world.  It is P.R.A.Y.'s intention to bring this benevolent energy to the West, via our line.   
Consciousness is Sexy
P.R.A.Y. supports universal oneness and global humanity, encouraging people to tune-in, re-balance, and empower.  
We believe that Consciousness is Sexy, and by re-balancing energy and becoming more in-tune with oneself and one's environement, a person may fully embody their beauty and in return contribute positively to the world.
Join us in support of Fashion Revolution Day 4.24.14